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MR Instruments, Inc. (“MRIi”) is an independent designer and manufacturer of advanced MRI Radiofrequency (“RF”) coils. With almost 15 years of RF coil experience, MRIi  provides superior products which enhance the patient experience at the lowest possible cost for MRI Providers.

In 2009 MR Instruments introduced the first clinically available 3.0T 32-Channel Head Coil. We strive for continual product improvement and have recently completed our 5th generation of this coil with superior image quality. This advanced technology has made MRIi the leading MRI device company in independent coil manufacturing for high resolution, high signal-noise- ratio MRI coils.

As an MRI device manufacturer, MRIi has continued to improve its product line by introducing the DuoFLEX® Coil Suite and DuoFLEX® Interventional Suite for 1.5T GE systems (currently).

The DuoFLEX® Coil Suite is the latest in flexible coil technology providing improved signal-to-noise in a unique phased array configuration.  DuoFLEX® design allows for use in imaging numerous anatomical areas of interest.

Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Rheineck

Tom Rheineck joined MR Instruments in 2015 after a consulting engagement focused on sales, marketing and business development assessments. Tom’s vision and collaborative leadership style will foster the company’s growth and evolution into new markets. He enjoys over 30 years in healthcare, including over a decade at each of GE Healthcare and Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), where he served as CDI’s Chief Development Officer.  Tom holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.




Thomas Breslin

Tom Breslin’s reputation for driving customer satisfaction, improving quality and reducing manufacturing costs rests on his extensive experience in high-end, innovative technologies and manufacturing. Most recently as Co-Founder and CEO of Emixie in St. Paul, MN, and previously as President and CEO of Fujikura Richard Manufacturing Co. in Eagan, MN, Tom’s track record includes noteworthy results such as decreasing product time to market by 30% and increasing sales from $0 to $30 million in 24 months up to $500 million in six years. Tom is committed to developing innovative products and growing MR Instruments to become a best-in-class provider of MRI Coils.

Vice President, Sales

Bob Thayer

Bob also brings over 30 years of diagnostic imaging experience with success in many field sales roles: Account Executive, Product Specialist, Strategic Accounts, Sales Manager and as a leader of one of GE’s cross business sales teams.  He is passionate about delivering imaging solutions, employing critical thinking skills and challenging the status quo. Bob is willing to do what it takes to serve both customers and coworkers.


Director of Engineering

Bob Bushey

Bob has been with MR Instruments since 2005. With over a decade of experience in MR, Bob is focused on developing advanced MR coils. He is driven to improve development methods to minimize the time from concept to production. Bob has received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. With his knowledge of MR and his engineering background, Bob is committed to developing high quality products that not only serve the MR industry but also help MR Instruments move forward and grow in the healthcare marketplace.

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