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DuoFLEX® Rent-to-own

Our customers have several options to quickly and easily start enjoying the value and versatility of the DuoFLEX® Coil Suite.

Purchase — simple payment terms upon delivery
Lease — selectable capital or operating lease options
Rent-to-Own — requires no capital budget. Simply install and utilize DuoFLEX® with no minimum timeframes required

DuoFLEX® Rental Overview

Why DuoFLEX®?

It is extremely challenging, if not impossible, to adequately perform MRI studies on 100% of your market’s population due to the sizes, shapes and conditions of actual patients. The DuoFLEX® Coil Suite assists you in achieving excellent image quality on the “X%” of patients you may not currently be able to image or perhaps, as important, the patients your market’s specialty practices may not be able to scan on their MRI systems.

What is your X-percent?

DuoFLEX® X-factor

X-tra value through low cost replacement of multiple, out-dated coils
X-pert image quality increases diagnostic accuracy on difficult patients
X-% increase in patient studies

Download our X-factor worksheet to determine the number of additional studies you may be able to perform each month.

X-factor Worksheet

“Since implementing DuoFLEX® we are performing approximately 10 additional studies per month. Our market’s specialty practices who own their own MRI scanners are viewing us as a compliment to their services now that we are showing them our capabilities with DuoFLEX®.”

Director of MRI,
Outpatient Imaging Center

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