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DuoFLEX Overview


Wrist Imaging

Patients uncomfortable with the “Superman” position?
Use the DuoFLEX to scan with the
wrist at the patients side.

Knee Positioning


No shoulder to large for the DuoFLEX!

Hip Positioning


No dedicated coils for TMJ imaging,
use the 10cm Coils for superior image
quality for small joint imaging.

Prostate Positioning


Use a 10cm and 24cm Coil combination for superior image quality and adequate field of view coverage!

Ankle Positioning


Kyphotic patients? Claustrophobic? Your Brain Coil is out for repair? Use the DuoFLEX for your scanning needs!

Humerus Positioning

24cm Single Coil

Tips and Tricks for using the 24cm coil,
so many uses for those “out of the box” exams!