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Technologists tell us…

“We are under a lot of pressure for through-put …but we need to produce high quality results as well.”

“Changing coils from patient to patient is time consuming. Ideally, I could leave one coil set on the table for multiple patients saving time and increasing productivity.”

“Our competitors are providing high resolution exams we can’t compete with.”

“I can only be so creative with rigid coils. I need something with both flexibility and high image quality.”

DuoFLEX® Solutions

  • 8-channel coil design hits the sweet spot of flexibility and image quality
  • Flex-fit design conforms to anatomy for optimal SNR and patient comfort
  • High resolution for small-parts imaging your providers are requesting
  • Optimal anatomical coverage and positioning with 24cm coils and/or a combination of 10cm and 24cm coils

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