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The only coil suite you’ll ever need.

Multipurpose and efficient. Work smarter.

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Invest in Your Bottom Line

Replace multiple costly coils with one DuoFLEX® Coil Suite. DuoFLEX® extends the life of your MRI equipment, increases productivity, and delivers a quantifiable ROI. You will measurably – and cost effectively – improve efficiency and the standard of care for your patients.

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Free Your Imagination

Spend less time between scans replacing and preparing different surface coils and produce more high-quality, diagnostic images.  The DuoFLEX® Coil Suite is flexible enough to scan any body part without causing patient discomfort. If you can imagine it, you can scan it.

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See the Difference

Deliver definitive diagnosis on sub-optimal anatomy and hard-to-scan patients. The DuoFLEX® Coil Suite acquires the quality images you need time after time, without compromise.

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The Choice is Clear

Cut Costs • Increase Efficiency • Improve Patient Care

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