The high-resolution 10cm DuoFLEX paddles are quickly becoming one of my favorite imaging tools!”

Anatomy-specific coils such as for the wrist, are expensive.  We’ve found that a flexible coil suite like DuoFLEX can supplement or take the place of several rigid , anatomy-specific coils with equal or even better image quality.

DuoFLEX is incredibly versatile; it delivers the image quality I need for our diverse patient base.

MRI has needed this technology for 30 years; flexible coils that can cover a wide range of anatomy.

Since implementing DuoFLEX, we are performing approximately 10 additional studies per month.  Our market’s specialty practices who own their own MRI scanners are viewing us as a compliment to their services now that we are showing them our capabilities with the DuoFLEX.

With the superior image quality that DuoFLEX delivers on our musculoskeletal imaging, I can be very definitive with my final diagnosis.

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