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“These are the best coils I have ever used in terms of image quality, versatility and speed of scanning.
DuoFLEX® coils are capable of scanning most anything that will fit into their 
Field of View!
In addition to our musculoskeletal needs, we use them for female pelvis, hips, brains, brachial plexus’, TMJ exams and much more!”

Brad Hess (MR) ARMRIT
DuoFLEX®’s  #1 Fan
Deer Valley, AZ

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“With the superior image quality that DuoFLEX® delivers on our musculoskeletal imaging, I can be very definitive with my final diagnosis.”

Jacob Walsh, M.D.
Arizona State Radiology

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Since implementing DuoFLEX® we are performing approximately 10 additional studies per month. Our market’s specialty practices who own their own MRI scanners are viewing us as a compliment to their services now that we are showing them our capabilities with the DuoFLEX®.”

Director of MRI 
Outpatient Imaging Center

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“MRI has needed this technology for 30 years; flexible coils that can cover a wide range of anatomy.”

Lead MRI Technologist

DuoFLEX is incredibly versatile; it delivers the image quality I need for our diverse patient base.”

Pamela Lund, M.D. SimonMed® Imaging

“Anatomy-specific coils such as for the wrist are expensive.  We’ve found that a flexible coil suite like DuoFLEX® can supplement or take the place of several rigid, anatomy-specific coils with equal or even better image quality.”

Andreas Melzer, M.D.
Chair of Medical Technology and Co-Head of Division Imaging and Technology
Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, University Dundee, UK

“The high resolution 10cm DuoFLEX® paddles are quickly becoming of my favorite imaging tools!”

J. Walsh, M.D.
Arizona State Radiology

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