Value for Radiologists

See What You Need to See, When You Need to See It

Achieve definitive diagnoses on sub-optimal anatomy and hard-to-scan patients.  The DuoFLEX MRI Coil Suite acquires the quality images you need time after time, while maximizing patient comfort.  We know that proximity to the patient is often even more important than channel count.  Wrapping anatomy with our flex coils allows for optimal signal-to-noise ratio.


Image Quality

DuoFLEX technology improves image quality, especially on older scanners.

Flex Fit

Flex-fit paddles contours to small and large anatomy which increases signal-to-noise ratio.


High resolution for small-parts imaging with 10cm paddles supports more accurate diagnoses of hard-to-scan anatomy.


DuoFLEX 24 and 10cm coils work interchangeably for the best imaging outcomes.

The high-resolution 10cm DuoFLEX paddles are quickly becoming one of my favorite imaging tools!”

Jacob Walsh, MD

Anatomy-specific coils such as for the wrist, are expensive.  We’ve found that a flexible coil suite like DuoFLEX can supplement or take the place of several rigid , anatomy-specific coils with equal or even better image quality.

Andreas Melzer, MD

DuoFLEX is incredibly versatile; it delivers the image quality I need for our diverse patient base.

Pamela Lund, MD