Interventional Coil

The DuoFLEX® Coil Suite supports and accommodates niche application coils. The Interventional Coil offers a rectangular, single-channel design with a large internal opening for ultimate flexibility when used for invasive MR procedures.

The large opening of the Interventional MRI Coil allows easy access for interventional procedures while providing high signal-to-noise and image quality. The loop coil can be used independently or can be combined with the DuoFLEX® Coils for increased SNR. The lightweight Interventional Coil offers an outer cover, which can be reused or disposed of when contaminated. This coil is a must-have for the newest wave of MR procedures.

Head Coil Viewing Mirrors

Give patients a little peace of mind.  Mirrors offer an “outside view” of the scanner. Use mirrors for applications of functional imaging, choose either a rear viewing or forward facing design.  The forward viewing mirror is included with head coil purchase.

Contact MR Instruments today to get more information about the benefits of using a Head Coil mirror in either the forward or rear viewing design.

Rear Viewing Mirror             Item #: 33-00006-001

Forward Viewing Mirror      Item #: 40-00227-001