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32-Channel Head Coil

Elite Neuro Imaging
Cutting-Edge Performance

The MR Instruments 32-Channel Head Coil offers one of  the highest signal-to-noise ratios in a commercially available head coil. The open-face design makes it ideal for fMRI studies and helps promote patient acceptance while reducing claustrophobia. The lightweight design and sliding base simplify patient positioning and coil maneuverability.

The large anatomical coverage and high contrast-to-noise ratio provides optimal image quality, especially for high performance studies such as fMRI, where SNR is crucial for successful results. The MR Instruments 32-Channel Head Coil also offers parallel imaging capabilities with acceleration in all three planes for the ultimate flexibility in advanced neuro imaging.

What Makes The Coil So Good


Inner Dimensions – 23.5cm
Coil Size – 29cm W x 30cm L
Coil Base – 41cm W x 48cm L
Weight – 6.8kg with base

Viewing Mirror


R-L 4x

A-P 4x

S-I   2x

MR Instruments has designed and manufactured our 32-channel 3.0T head coil for GE Healthcare for almost nine years.  Any interest in purchasing this product should be facilitated through GE.