Value for Technologists

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Driving Efficiency & Quality Patient Care

Getting it done right the first time creates a win-win experience for everyone.  Managing day-to-day scheduling and throughput while ensuring patient comfort are your highest priorities.  Spend less time between scans replacing and preparing different surface coils and produce more high-quality diagnostic images.  The DuoFLEX MRI Coil Suite is flexible enough to scan any body part.

If you can imagine it, you can scan it.

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Extra-long cables allow you to bring the coil to the patient versus moving the patient to the coil.

Flex Fit

Flex-fit paddles contour to small and large anatomy which increases SNR.

High Resolution

Small-parts imaging with 10cm paddles supports more accurate diagnoses of hard-to-scan anatomy.


DuoFLEX 10cm and 24cm flex paddles work interchangeably for the best image and comfort outcomes.