MRI Coil Suite

The DuoFLEX MRI Coil Suite contours to your patient and your budget while meeting or exceeding imaging needs.

The DuoFLEX MRI Coil Suite offers flexibility without compromise.  The coil suite includes (2) 10 cm and (2) 24 cm flex coils which provide versatility to the technician and comfort for the patient.  DuoFLEX technology supports high-resolution imaging radiologists can depend on to make accurate diagnoses.  Dual coils sizes afford maximum signal-to-noise benefit as 24 cm or 10 cm coils fit even the hardest-to-scan anatomy of adult and pediatric patients.

If you can imagine it, you can scan it.

10 cm Flex Paddles

The 10 cm coils allow for high resolution small parts imaging.  Scan a variety of anatomy from fingers to toes with ease of patient positioning, all while achieving high image quality.  These paddles are ideal for pediatric patients.

duoflex10s – Copy

24 cm Flex Paddles

The 24 cm coils can be utilized with larger musculoskeletal parts, imaging those hard-to-fit in a rigid coil shoulder and knees.

duoflex24s – Copy (150)

10 cm & 24 cm Flex Paddles

With the unique design of DuoFLEX the user has the ability to connect a 10 cm and a 24 cm coil together for even more flexibility in those difficult to image areas.

DuoFLEX 10 and 24

DuoFLEX Features & Benefits


Scan larger patients that don’t fit traditional rigid coils and scan pediatric patients as well.


Longer cables enable scanning flexibility such as placing wrists and elbows at the patient’s side versus the “Superman” position.


Hi-res, small field of view delivered with 10cm flex paddles.


One suite can replace multiple anatomy-specific coils.


With effective scheduling, you can reduce exam preparation time by leaving DuoFLEX in place for multiple, sequential studies.


Ability to bring the coils to the anatomy versus the anatomy to the coils.



10 cm x 10 cm Coil Set
24 cm x 24 cm Coil Set
Weight – 2.3 kg with connection box

Includes assorted positioning straps and pads.


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