Value for Administrators

Improve Your Bottom Line

Replace multiple costly coils with one DuoFLEX MRI Coil Suite.  DuoFLEX extends the life of your MRI equipment, increases productivity and delivers a quantifiable ROI.  You will measurably – and cost effectively – improve efficiency and the standard of care for your patients.  Streamlining workflow shortens time between scans, giving your team the opportunity to add more studies every month; thereby turning your cost center into a profit center.


Extend Life

Extend the life of your capital hardware by replacing old coils at an affordable cost and deferring large capital expenditures.

Accommodate Budget

Accommodate your budget with flexible payment and rental options.

Increase Productivity

Increase efficiency and throughput by reducing exam preparation time, leaving DuoFLEX in place for multiple, sequential scans.

Acquisition Flexibility


Budget – Capital Hardware Purchase

When your needs match your budget cycle, purchase DuoFLEX® MRI Coil Suite as capital hardware.

36-month Installment Program

You’ve got budget approval but want to allocate payments over a 36-month, low-interest purchase plan; financed directly with MR Instruments.

Rental Program

The DuoFLEX rental program offers an immediate implementation solution without time or financial commitment.  If you like the product, you can apply 12 months of rental payments toward a capital purchase.

The high-resolution 10cm DuoFLEX paddles are quickly becoming one of my favorite imaging tools!”

Jacob Walsh, MD

Anatomy-specific coils such as for the wrist, are expensive.  We’ve found that a flexible coil suite like DuoFLEX can supplement or take the place of several rigid , anatomy-specific coils with equal or even better image quality.

Andreas Melzer, MD

DuoFLEX is incredibly versatile; it delivers the image quality I need for our diverse patient base.

Pamela Lund, MD