Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the DuoFLEX Coil Suite?

  • Two 24 cm x 24 cm foam rubber coils
  • Two 10 cm x 10 cm foam rubber coils
  • Combiner box
  • Positioning Tray
  • Velcro
  • 1 yr warranty

Can DuoFLEX replace other coils, and which ones?

Yes, DuoFLEX can replace several coils…which ones is up to you.  We’ve had customers sell their knee, shoulder, wrist, chimney, and loop coils. DuoFLEX won’t replace your head Coil but is great for kyphotic, claustrophobic, contorted, and vent patients.

Can you mix and match the 24cm and the 10cm coils?

Absolutely! You may use any coils together or separately in any combination that best fits your patient and imaging needs: (2) 24cm paddles, (2) 10cm paddles, (1) 24cm with (1) 10cm, (1) 24cm or (1) 10cm.

What can I scan with the DuoFLEX Coil Suite?

If you can imagine it, you can scan it.  We have found a way to scan virtually every single body part. Watch our positioning videos, or better yet, schedule a demo today!

Do DuoFLEX coils work with (insert pulse sequence)?

Yes.  DuoFLEX is compatible with all of your pulse sequences and user CVs.

Can DuoFLEX coils be bent to the patient? The cables also?

DuoFLEX is able to bend and flex in any manner to accommodate the patient and your scanning needs.  We have found that making a “sandwich” out of the paddles works the best as opposed to wrapping them past one another.  The cables can also bend and move in any direction that works for you and your patient.

How do you position DuoFLEX paddles on the patient?

Each DuoFLEX suite includes a positioner and straps for easy positioning.  Also, there are application videos available on our website which show how to set up various patients.

Which MR systems are compatible with the DuoFLEX MRI Coil Suite?

DuoFLEX is currently compatible with GE 1.5T systems.  Coming soon – DuoFLEX for GE 3T, and Siemens 1.5T and 3T systems!