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About Our Company

MR Instruments, Inc. (“MRIi”) is an independent designer and manufacturer of advanced MRI Radiofrequency (“RF”) coils. With almost 15 years of RF coil experience, MRIi  provides superior products which enhance the patient experience at the lowest possible cost for MRI Providers.

In 2009 MR Instruments introduced the first clinically available 3.0T 32-Channel Head Coil. We strive for continual product improvement and have recently completed our 5th generation of this coil, achieving superior image quality. Our advanced technology has made MRIi the leading MRI device company in independent coil manufacturing for high-resolution, high signal-noise- ratio MRI coils.



32-channel head coil for 3.0T


DuoFLEX® MRI Coil Suite


Head Coil Mirrors

Interventional Coils

As an MRI device manufacturer, MRIi has continued to improve its product line by introducing the DuoFLEX® Coil Suite and DuoFLEX® Interventional Suite for 1.5T GE systems.

The DuoFLEX® MRI Coil Suite is the latest in flexible coil technology that is set far apart from its competitors, providing improved signal-to-noise in a unique phased array configuration.  DuoFLEX® design allows for large, small and hard-to-scan anatomy.

Coming Soon: We’re excited to announce we’ll soon be launching the DuoFLEX® MRI Coil Suite for 3.0T GE scanners, 1.5T and 3.0T Siemens scanners.  We’re looking forward to providing solutions for 70% of the market.